Converse University Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Converse is embarking upon on a three-year strategic plan (2023-2026). The development of the plan officially kicked off in Spring 2022 upon President Boone Hopkins’ official appointment as the 12th president of Converse University. Under his direction, a Strategic Vision Planning Committee was formed, made up of representation across the student body, faculty, staff, and administration. Sharing the president’s commitment to ensuring the process and plan were inclusive with broad participation and representation of voices across campus, the Planning Committee reviewed and solicited campus data including surveys and resource tools across campus, reflected upon the existing environment, and started down the process of visioning and goal setting. The Converse Board of Trustees approved the framework for the Strategic Vision Plan, which includes four foundational priorities and three areas of focus, in September 2022.


Strategic Themes and Emerging Goals

The foundation for the 2023-2026 Strategic Vision Plan is comprised of four priorities which serve as the unifying ideologies across the plan’s development and implementation. Both independently and collectively, each priority embodies the aspirational culture that Converse strives to obtain and our promise to the community we serve.
Three pillars graphic
These foundational priorities include:

  • Remaining relentlessly STUDENT-CENTERED
  • Promoting HEALTH & WELL BEING

In order to achieve these aspirational goals, Converse must excel in three equal and interconnected pillars, our three areas of focus:

  • Enriching our PROGRAMS,
  • Empowering our PEOPLE, and
  • Enhancing our PLACES.

Each of these three areas organizes a set of goals and corresponding objectives that will guide Converse University’s efforts for the next few years.

Download the Strategic Plan Overview PDF

The development and approval of the Strategic Vision Plan framework is the beginning of the process which will involve continuous feedback, consultation, and input by campus and community stakeholders.

Originating from the objectives within each of the three areas of focus will be individual plans and initiatives that departments and operating units will be empowered to develop and implement in alignment with this Strategic Plan. In Fall 2022, the Strategic Vision Planning Committee will develop the three-year operating plan and forecast and will establish evaluation and performance measures.

As the operating plan and forecast are determined, the Converse campus community can expect changes to help prepare the campus for first-year initiatives. Updates will be shared on this page as available.